About Weddingsense

Weddings are fun, memorable and once-in-a lifetime events (hopefully) that everyone looks forward to. And when talking about THE DESTINATION WEDDINGS , the chaos and the cost of the function increases by manifolds .No worries , we are here to help you out !!!

Weddingsense.in is an Indian wedding planning website which looks forward to destination weddings in Ujjain .From start till end , each and every kind of service is provided by us .


Provides you with classy, memorable and unique wedding planning and management.
Available with city’s best venues and best vendors for best services possible.
Unique tracking feature which will enable you to check all your arrangements from time to time.
Every service shall be best in its own way and will come with time and money saving trait.
From big service providers to small vendors, we make all of them available online so that you can choose as per your need.
We work according to every client’s individual ideas, expectations and traditions.