Choreographer Detail


“Dance can set you free. Dance can give you hope. When you dance, you become another person.”

It will not be wrong to say that an Indian wedding is all about dancing. From sangeet to mehendi , wedding ,reception each and every ceremony has dance as its essential component. Dance has been an expression of celebration and gladness in a wedding. The maheela sangeet being the most entertaining function involves all the family members from bride’s and bridegroom’s family who get the chance to enjoy together and showcase their dancing talents. Wedding dancing serves as a medium for bringing both the families together and provides a common platform to express the feelings.
In earlier times, families used to dance randomly on functions but now-a-days hiring a wedding dance choreographer has become a trend. Along with a trained performance at the functions, these wedding choreography classes also provide a platform to learn a new form of art. Choreographers teach you groovy steps and make you a fabulous dance performer. Many a times, it happens that your sangeet ceremony is theme based. These choreographers choose music in accordance with the theme and choreograph a dance performance accordingly.
“On your wedding day you will marry your friend, the one you laugh with, live for, dream with, love. The one that you become when you and your partner dance together.”
These choreographers along with dances for family members, prepare special performances of the would be couple which remains the centre of attraction for the sangeet night.
We at WeddingSense, provide you with the best wedding dance choreographers from all over India. Whether you want dances for traditional wedding style or modern style, they will provide you with the best suggestions and performances for both. Choose a professional choreographer to plan and execute the whole sangeet ceremony of the dance performances for your dream wedding including the special dance of the new couple.