Entertainment Detail

Wedding Entertainment

Like salt is to your food, similarly entertainment is to the wedding. It is the key component of the wedding ceremonies. We say weddings are for fun and making memories. But how can it be even done without ENTERTAINMENT. Not only you, but your guests too must be satisfied with the destination wedding experience. Entertainment keeps your guests engaged and makes them an integral part of your celebrations. We at weddingSense.in , provide you with multiple types of entertainment options from all over India to make your place wedding and destination wedding a mesmerizing experience . Let's explore some of them.

Wedding Choreographer

“Dance can set you free. Dance can give you hope. When you dance, you become another person.”
It will not be wrong to say that an Indian wedding is all about dancing. From sangeet to mehendi , wedding ,reception each and every ceremony has dance as its essential component.

Wedding Band

Procession !!! The most exciting and fun filled event for the family members and friends of the bridegroom. And the one who is responsible for making this fun event more enjoyable is the band group.


“The entertainment is your Thank You gift to your guests.”
Guests will never forget the entertainment they had at your wedding. The fun and enjoyment would get converted into life-long memories for them.

Wedding Fireworks

A wedding is a “once in a lifetime” occasion. First comes love, then comes marriage and then comes fireworks – at your wedding that is!!! Add to the magic of your wedding day with the fireworks display.


A good host can keep your guests entertaining and make the function enjoyable and lively. They ensure that performances in a function go in a smooth manner. Their communication skills and sense of humour need to be a good one.