Styling and Grooming Detail

Styling and Grooming

Wedding is not just about the ceremonies and rituals. It is also about to look good and feel good. It is the most important day a person goes through in his or her life and to look absolute best is very crucial. You'll be photographed about hundreds of times and the wedding photos are something which you will preserve for the lifetime. Infect generations to come will also look at them. So it becomes very important to look your best according to your personality and style. And the help from consultants to guide you about the latest trends of beauty and style makes your work easier. At WeddingSense, we provide you with varieties of services related to wedding attires, makeup artists, jewellery shops etc. from all over India to make your dream wedding a beautiful experience. We help the bride and groom to look their very best at their wedding day.

Bridal wear – A wedding dress is the clothing worn by a bride during her wedding ceremonies. Beauty of a bride increases with the type of attires she is wearing. Colour, style and ceremonial importance of the wedding dress can depend on the religion and culture of the brides.
Menswear/ Tailoring – Bridegroom, the man who remains the centre of attraction for the whole wedding event. So it is very essential that you present yourself in the best form before the guests. Your attire plays a key role in this.

Beauty Parlour – “Occasions such as wedding are not for every day, so bride must look the gorgeous on this occasion, and everything should be so special for her, so does her makeup.” A major aspect of the weddings is the bridal makeup. It is your wedding day and you want to look as pretty as you can. All the eyes should be on you, especially of your special one.

Jewellery - Jewellery is an integral part of the styling and has a vital role to play for every bride. Irrespective of the expensive wedding outfit and exclusive makeup, a bride is complete only when she wears proper jewellery .Good jewellery adds more beauty to your wedding dress and makeup.

Men’s Saloon - day is not only important for brides, it is equally special for the bridegrooms too. It is certainly essential for them also to appear attractive and create their own place on the wedding day amidst the crowd. A handsome and good-looking groom will definitely catch the attention of most of the audience.