Wedding Invites Detail

Wedding Invites

“Wedding invitations are the very first part of your wedding, your guests will experience.”

They are like the first impression on your guests about your wedding. Wedding Invites set the tone of what the guests are to expect on the wedding day. At the same time it helps them prepare for your wedding. It is like a blueprint for the guests about the whole event giving all the information in a proper way.
It basically answers “3 W’s” !!! They are namely, Who , Whom, When and Where.

Who is going to marry Whom. When and Where are the functions going to take place.
The design of your wedding card can give a hint to your guests about your event that whether it will be modern or traditional. The text gives guests the actual information needed for the event : time and schedule of the ceremonies, venue where the ceremonies will be performed etc. It is very important that the wedding invitation should be clear & informative. Your wedding invite should give a feel that attending your wedding function is going to be a thrilling and fun-filled experience. Invite your closed ones on your wedding in an elite manner with a unique invitation. Design your uncommon invitation and invite your guests to be a part of your dream.
Choose one according to your vision and budget.