Why Ujjain

Ujjain is a city fallen from heaven so that there may be a heaven on earth!!! In Sanskrit text, Ujjain has been eulogized as " The very home of the golden age paved with jewels full of romance with dancing girls in the temples and love in every heart." It is the land of Lord Krishna , the God of Love . It stands for association and the union of couples and symbolizes the partner in relationships. So why not have your marriage at such a wonderland !!!
Ujjain is known as the “City of Temples”. Thus a blessed tradition like marriage is best to be performed at the sacred land of Ujjain.
Ujjain is selected as one of the hundred cities all over India to be developed as a smart city.Thus lot of developments have taken place here which includes proper roads , bridges and lightening in the town .
City has a wide range of cultural and traditional values and gives the glimpse of mythological heritage
It is more economical in comparison to any other destination wedding spots.
Better connectivity of the city with rest of the cities . Ujjain is comfortably accessible from anywhere in India via road , rail and air .
500+ hotels, gardens and rest houses to accommodate and entertain tourists from the world.
Overall city satisfies you providing inner peace in a noiseless environment unlike other places .The town is less crowded and has less congested areas
Ujjain is the host of one of the largest fair in the world – Simhasth .So the system and government of Ujjain has immense experience and knowledge of conducting big events flawlessly .
Lord Mahakal and the holy ghats of Kshipra are always here to bless you with peace and prosperity.